Welcome to the trial of NVIDIA Fleet Command on NVIDIA LaunchPad.

NVIDIA Fleet Command brings secure edge AI to enterprises of any size by transforming NVIDIA-Certified Systems into secure edge appliances and connecting them to the cloud in minutes. In the cloud, users can deploy and manage applications from the NGC Catalog or NGC Private Registry, update system software over the air, and manage systems remotely with nothing but a browser and internet connection.

Combined with NVIDIA LaunchPad, enterprises can easily try out the features and functionality offered by NVIDIA Fleet Command in the cloud, using systems provided by Equinix Metal, without having to procure or deploy systems in their own locations.


In this trial, you’ll be acting as a Fleet Command administrator, deploying a computer vision application for counting cars at an intersection. We’ll guide you through connecting your edge server and deploying that application to the edge. Overall, the whole trial should take about an hour to walk through all of the steps.

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