Step #3: Create an Edge Site

Deploy Vision AI at the Edge of the Network (Latest Version)

Fleet Command administrators coordinate with local installers to pair edge systems to Fleet Command so they can be managed remotely. First, Fleet Command administrators will create virtual Locations and Systems.

A Location represents a real-world location where your physical system(s) are installed. A System represents those physical systems within a Location. In this demo, we will simulate deploying an edge server at a specific traffic intersection.

After creating this location, you will provide details for the system, such as the Fleet Command Discovery ISO, and the system’s activation code, to the local installer to complete the pairing process. This will be done in the next step.

  1. Create a Location by navigating to the Location page. Click Add Location on the right side of the page to start the process.


  2. Fill in the details for your new location, choosing the latest version that is available in the dropdown menu. Once the details are filled in, click Add Location.

    • Location Name: intersection-1

    • Description: Intersection at 1st and 2nd St.

    • Version: Select the latest available version

    • Address: 123 1st St. Fleet Command, NV


    The Location Name can only contain digits (0-9), lowercase letters (a-z), or a dash (-). The Location Name must also start with a lowercase letter.


  3. Once you have created the Location, click on the location to navigate to the details page.


  4. Next, a System will need to be added to the Location. In the Details page of the Location, select Add System. Fill in the fields to add a System to the Location.

    • System Name: system-1

    • Description: System 1 at Intersection 1


    The System Name can only contain digits (0-9), lowercase letters (a-z), or a dash (-). The System Name must also start with a lowercase letter.



  5. After a System is added to a Location, an activation code will be generated. Make a note of this activation code, you will need it in later steps to pair the physical system.


    The activation code is only valid for 12 hours.


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