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OpenSM v3.3.11 is an InfiniBand Subnet Manager. In order to operate one host machine or more in the InfiniBand cluster, at least one Subnet Manger is required in the fabric.

Please use the embedded OpenSM in the WinOF package for testing purpose in a small cluster. Otherwise, we recommend using OpenSM from FabricIT EFM™ or UFM® or MLNX-OS®.

OpenSM can run as a Windows service and can be started manually from the following directory: <installation_directory>\tools. OpenSM as a service will use the first active port, unless it receives a specific GUID.

OpenSM can be registered as a service from either the Command Line Interface (CLI) or the PowerShell.

The following are commands used from the CLI:

To register it as a service execute the OpenSM service:

> sc create OpenSM binPath= "c:\Program Files\Mellanox\MLNX_VPI\IB\Tools\opensm.exe
-service" start= auto

To start OpenSM as a service:

> sc start OpenSM

To run OpenSM manually:

> opensm.exe

      For additional run options, enter: “opensm.exe -h”

The following are commands used from the PowerShell:

To register it as a service execute the OpenSM service:

> New-Service –Name "OpenSM" –BinaryPathName "`"C:\Program Files\Mellanox\MLNX_VPI\IB\Tools\opensm.exe`" --service -L 128" -DisplayName "OpenSM" –Description "OpenSM for IB subnet" -StartupType Automatic

To start OpenSM as a service run:

> Start-Service OpenSM1


  • For long term running, please avoid using the '-v' (verbosity) option to avoid exceeding disk quota.
  • Running OpenSM on multiple servers may lead to incorrect OpenSM behavior.

Please do not run more than two instances of OpenSM in the subnet.

Modifying IPoIB Configuration

To modify the IPoIB configuration after installation, perform the following steps:

  1. Open Device Manager and expand Network Adapters in the device display pane.
  2. Right-click the Mellanox IPoIB Adapter entry and left-click Properties.
  3. Click the Advanced tab and modify the desired properties.

The IPoIB network interface is automatically restarted once you finish modifying IPoIB parameters. Consequently, it might affect any running traffic.

Displaying Adapter Related Information

To display a summary of network adapter software, firmware- and hardware-related information such as driver version, firmware version, bus interface, adapter identity, and network port link information, perform the following steps:

  1. Display the Device Manager.

  2. Select the Information tab from the Properties sheet.

To save this information for debug purposes, click Save to File and provide the output file name.