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As of v5.25, WinOF supports NDIS PacketDirect Provider Interface. PacketDirect extends NDIS with an accelerated I/O model, which can increase the number of packets processed per second by an order of magnitude and significantly decrease jitter when compared to the traditional NDIS I/O path.

PacketDirect is supported only on Ethernet ports.

System Requirements

  • Hypervisor OS: Windows Server 2016
  • Virtual Machine (VM) OS: Windows Server 2012 and above
  • Mellanox ConnectX-3 Pro Adapter Card family
  • Mellanox WinOF 5.25 or higher
  • Firmware version: 2.36.5150 or higher

Using PacketDirect for VM

To allow a VM to send/receive traffic in PacketDirect mode:

  1. Enable PacketDirect: 
    • On the Ethernet adapter. 

    PS $ Enable-NetAdapterPacketDirect -Name <EthInterfaceName>

    • In the Device Manager:

  2. Create a vSwitch with PacketDirect enabled.

    PS $ New-VMSwitch <vSwitchName> -NetAdapterName <EthInterfaceName> -EnablePacketDirect $true -AllowManagementOS $true
  3. Enable VFP extension: 
    • On the vSwitch. 

    PS $ Enable-VMSwitchExtension -VmSwitchName <vSwitchName> -Name "Windows Azure VFP
    Switch Extension"

    • In the Hyper-V Manager: Action->Virtual Switch Manager...

  4. Shut down the VM.

    PS $ Stop-VM -Name <VMName> -Force -Confirm
  5. Add a virtual network adapter for the VM.

    PS $ Add-VMNetworkAdapter -VMName <VMName> -SwitchName <vSwitchName> -StaticMacAddress <StaticMAC Address>
  6. Start the VM. 

    PS $ Start-VM -Name <VMName>

    Since VFP is enabled, without any forwarding rules, it will block all traffic going through the VM. 
    Follow the following steps to unblock the traffic: 
    • Find the port name for the VM.

    CMD > vfpctrl /list-vmswitch-port
    Port name            : E431C413-D31F-40EB-AD96-0B2D45FE34AA
    Port Friendly name   :
    Switch name          : 8B288106-9DB6-4720-B144-6CC32D53E0EC
    Switch Friendly name : MlnxSwitch
    PortId               : 3
    VMQ Usage            : 0
    SR-IOV Usage         : 0
    Port type            : Synthetic
    Port is Initialized.
    MAC Learning is Disabled.
    NIC name             : bd65960d-4215-4a4f-bddc-962a5d0e2fa0--e7199a49-6cca-4d3c-a4cd-22907592527e
    NIC Friendly name    : testnic
    MTU                  : 1500
    MAC address          : 00-15-5D-4C-46-00
    VM name              : vm
    Command list-vmswitch-port succeeded!
  7. Disable the port to allow traffic.

    CMD > vfpctrl /disable-port /port <PortName>
    Command disable-port succeeded!

    The port should be disabled after each reboot of the VM to allow traffic.