Receive Side Scaling (RSS)

Linux Kernel Upstream Release Notes v6.5

Operating Systems: Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 7 Client, Windows 8.1 Client and Windows Server 2016.

Mellanox WinOF Rev 5.50 IPoIB and Ethernet drivers use NDIS 6.30 and above new RSS capabilities. The main changes are:

  • Removed the previous limitation of 64 CPU cores

  • Individual network adapter RSS configuration usage

RSS capabilities can be set per individual adapters as well as globally.

To do so, set the registry keys listed below:

For instructions on how to find interface index in registry <nn>, please refer to Section 3.6.2, “Finding the Index Value of the Network Interface”, on page 114.

Registry Keys Setting




Maximum number of CPUs allotted.
Sets the desired maximum number of processors for each interface. The number can be different for each interface.
Note: Restart the network adapter after you change this registry key.


Base CPU number.
Sets the desired base CPU number for each interface. The number can be different for each interface. This allows partitioning of CPUs across network adapters.
Note: Restart the network adapter when you change this registry key.


NUMA node affinitization


Sets the RSS base processor group for systems with more than 64 processors.

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