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The Mellanox WinOF driver package contains the following components:

  • Core and ULPs:
    • IB HCA low-level drivers (mlx4)
    • Ethernet driver (ETH)
    • IP over InfiniBand (IPoIB)
    • Network Direct (ND)
    • Network Direct Kernel (NDK) Provider Interface
    • MUX driver for IPoIB and Client OSes
  • Utilities:
    • OpenSM: InfiniBand Subnet Manager is provided as a sample code. The sample code is intended to allow users to test or bring-up the InfiniBand fabric without a management console / switch (to get started). 
      For cluster production environments, Mellanox's recommendation is to use a Managed Switch or the UFM-SDN Appliance.
    • Low level performance tools
    • mlxtool
  • InfiniBand Diagnostics tools
  • CIM, PowerShell, and WMI support (Supported in Windows Server 2012 and above, and Windows Client 8.1 and above.)
  • Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Documentation