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This section describes the conventions, abbreviations and acronyms used in this documentation. It also lists resources for additional related information.

Document Conventions

File namesfile_name.extension

Directory names

Commands and their parameterscommand param1mts3610-1 > show hosts
Required item< >

Optional item

[ ]

Mutually exclusive parameters

{ p1, p2, p3 } or {p1 | p2 | p3}

Optional mutually exclusive parameters

[ p1 | p2 | p3 ]
Variables for which users supply specific valuesItalic fontenable
Emphasized wordsItalic fontThese are emphasized words

Abbreviations and Acronyms

Abbreviation / AcronymWhole Word / Description
b(Lower case) ‘b’ is used to indicate size in bits or multiples of bits (e.g., 1Kb = 1024 bits)

(Capital) ‘B’ is used to indicate size in bytes or multiples of bytes (e.g., 1KB = 1024 bytes, and 1MB = 1048576 bytes)

EoIBEthernet over InfiniBand


HCAHost Channel Adapter
IPoIBIP over InfiniBand
lsbLeast significant bit
LSBLeast significant byte
MPIMessage Passing Interface
msbMost significant bit
MSBMost significant byte
NICNetwork Interface Card
NVGRENetwork Virtualization using Generic Routing Encapsulation
PFCPriority Flow Control
PRPath Record
QoSQuality of Service
RDSReliable Datagram Sockets
RoCERDMA over Converged Ethernet
SLService Level
TCTraffic Class
ULPUpper Level Protocol
VLVirtual Lane
VPIVirtual Protocol Interconnect

Related Documentation

MFT User Manual

Describes the set of firmware management tools for a single InfiniBand node. MFT can be used for:
• Generating a standard or customized Mellanox firmware image Querying for firmware information
• Burning a firmware image to a single InfiniBand node
• Enabling changing card configuration to support SR-IOV

WinOF Release Notes

For possible software issues, please refer to WinOF Release Notes.

MLNX OFED User ManualFor more information on SR-IOV over KVM, please refer to the MLNX_OFED User Manual.
InfiniBand™ Architecture Specification,
Volume 1, Release 1.2.1
The InfiniBand Specification by IBTA