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The following is the RoCE modes matrix.

Software Stack / Inbox DistributionRoCE MAC Based (Layer 2) Supported as of VersionRoCE IP Based (Layer 2)
upported as of Version
RoCE v2 (Layer 3)
Supported as of Version

Mellanox WinOF


(Requires additional configuration)

  • 4.70
    (Requires additional configuration)
  • 5.22 (Default)

Inbox Windows Server 2012 /
Inbox Windows Server 2012 R2

Supported (Default)Not supportedNot supported
Inbox Windows Server 2016SupportedSupportedSupported (Default)

As of WinOF 5.22, RoCE v2 is the default RoCE mode.

RoCE v2 UDP Port Matrix

WinOF VersionsRoCE v2 UDP Port
4.70 - 5.001021
5.10 and above4791

For further information, please refer to section RoCEv2 UDP Port in the User Manual.