56GbE Link Speed

Linux Kernel Upstream Release Notes v6.5

System Requirements

  • Mellanox ConnectX®-3 and ConnectX®-3 Pro cards

  • Firmware version: 2.31.5050 and above

Configuring 56GbE Link Speed

Mellanox offers proprietary speed of 56GbE link speed over FDR systems. To achieve this, only the switch, supporting this speed, must be configured to enable it. The NIC, on the other hand, auto-detects this configuration automatically.

To achieve 56GbE link speed over SwitchX® Based Switch System:


Make sure your switch supports 56GbE and that you have the relevant switch license installed.

  1. Set the system profile to be eth-single-switch, and reset the system:


    switch (config) # system profile eth-single-profile

  2. Set the speed for the desired interface to 56GbE as follows. For example (for interface 1/1):


    switch (config) # interface ethernet 1/1 switch (config interface ethernet 1/1) # speed 56000 switch (config interface ethernet 1/1) #

  3. Verify the speed is 56GbE.


    switch (config) # show interface ethernet 1/1 Eth1/1 Admin state: Enabled Operational state: Down Description: N\A Mac address: 00:02:c9:5d:e0:26 MTU: 1522 bytes Flow-control: receive off send off Actual speed: 56 Gbps Switchport mode: access Rx 0 frames 0 unicast frames 0 multicast frames 0 broadcast frames 0 octets 0 error frames 0 discard frames Tx 0 frames 0 unicast frames 0 multicast frames 0 broadcast frames 0 octets 0 discard frames switch (config) #

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