Known Issues

Linux Kernel Upstream Release Notes v6.5

The table below provides a list of known bugs and limitations in regards to this release of WinOF. For a list of old Known Issues, please see the WinOF_Archived_Known_Issues file.

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Description: If the gateway for the L2 bridge in the Hyper-V VM is the VM's IP, the L2 bridge () and the corresponding vSwitch will persist through a VM reboot.

Workaround: Make sure the docker network default gateway on a VM is of its host and not of the VM.

Keywords: Nested Virtualization

Discovered in Release: 5.50.53000 (FUR3)


Description: ND traffic will fail when setting RoceMaxFrameSize and JumboPacket values where there is no sufficient size for the packet header (Roce_Mtu + Header > JumboPacket).

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: RoCE, MTU

Detected in version: 5.50.53000 (FUR3)


Description: When creating a team on Windows Client 10 in one of the following versions (1803 or 1809), a waiting time of a few seconds is required after running the 'vlan_config attach...' command. If the waiting period is skipped, an error message is received when running the PS command 'Get-NetAdapter'. This message can be safely ignored as it does not affect the team's creation or interferes with the correct behavior of the team.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: Teaming

Detected in version: 5.50.52000 (FUR2)


Description: When in IPoIB mode, changing the receive buffers size using a registry key and restarting the driver while the RDMA traffic is running may result in a command failure.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: IPoIB

Detected in version: 5.50


Description: The “Disable-NetAdapterRDMA” command disables the NDK activity only, ND activity is not affected by it.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: NDK, ND

Detected in version: 5.50


Description: On Windows 2016 Client: The SR-IOV virtual adapters' counters do not count the data of the Virtual Function. The counters will not rise when the Virtual Function's counters rise neither in the performance monitor nor in the task manager.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: SR-IOV, VF Counters

Detected in version: 5.50


Description: The maximum value of the *NumRSSQueues registry key is 64.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: *NumRSSQueues registry key

Detected in version: 5.50


Description: When setting the MaxCMRetries value to 1, the REQ, REP, or DREQ messages are not sent.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: MaxCMRetries

Detected in version: 5.50


Description: The driver will ask for a reboot when a network interface gets disconnected while loading the VMs on hyper-V.

Workaround: Disable and enable the driver manually, without rebooting. Note, you may have to perform this action twice to resolve the issue.

Keywords: VMs, hyper-V, reboot

Detected in version: 5.50


Description: When a network interface gets disconnected while loading VMs on hyper-V, the driver will ask for reboot.

Workaround: Disable and enable the driver manually, without rebooting. You may have to perform this action twice to resolve the issue.

Keywords: VMs, hyper-V, reboot

Detected in version: 5.50


Description: The mlxtool show devices command is not supported for VFs.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: mlxtool show devices; VFs

Detected in version: 5.50


Description: Switching between upgrading with INF and upgrading with the MSI package can end up with a different version of the Ethernet/IPoIB driver and the bus driver.

Workaround: Use the same upgrade methodology in all upgrades. Following the upgrade, update the device driver via the device manager.

Keywords: Installation, INF only installation.

Detected in version: 5.40.54000


Description: When configuring certain device settings to invalid values in the driver’s Advanced Properties tab, a random number is used as the actual value, instead of the default number.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: device settings, advanced properties

Discovered in Release: 5.40.54000


Description: In case the network adapter of the remote ND connection was reset, the local peer does not receive a disconnect notification.

Workaround: To make sure that the connection is still valid, post a send request on the QP and check its completion status.

Keywords: ND, disconnect notification

Discovered in Release: 5.40.54000


Description: When attempting to allocate several VFs to several VMs, in some cases the VF will not be allocated to the VM, and the VM will continue to work on the synthetic path.

The user can identify the issue by running the Get-Netadaptervport command, and making sure that the number of MAC addresses is equal to the number of VFs.

The issue occurs due to a bug in the Windows NetVSC co-installer, and has been fixed in a QFE. It occurs only in Windows Server 2012 R2.

Workaround: Run the following commands in the problematic VM:

RUNDLL32.exe pnpclean.dll,RunDLL_PnpClean /devices /maxclean netcfg -c p -i netvsc_vfpp -l c:\windows\inf\wnetvsc_vfpp.inf

Keywords: SR-IOV

Discovered in Release: 5.40.54000


Description: When using Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2016, in some cases a system crash may occur due to an OS bug when disabling the NDK. The issue will be resolved in the next version of Windows Server.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: NDK, BSOD

Discovered in Release: 5.40.54000


Description: After driver upgrade, The ND state might be invalid, and the following event might appear in the event viewer:

"Ndfltr: ND is in invalid state as a result of a mismatch between the ndfltr.sys driver version and mlx4_bus.sys driver version.”

Workaround: Close all applications that use ND before upgrading the driver or upgrade the driver first, close all applications that use ND, and restart the bus driver.

Keywords: Installation, upgrade, ND

Discovered in Release: 5.40.54000


Description: RDMA Activity counters are not support in IPoIB.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: RDMA Activity counters, IPoIB

Detected in version: 5.40


Description: When an Ethernet port is set to SR-IOV, InfiniBand is not supported on the second port.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: SR-IOV, Ethernet, InfiniBand

Detected in version: 5.40


Description: Received RDMA Activity Ack packets are counted as 20B instead of ~70B.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: Counters

Detected in version: 5.40

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