VPI - Vision Programming Interface

0.4.4 Release


The algorithms supported by VPI are described in the following sections. An overview of the algorithm, instructions on how to use the algorithm, a list of any backend limitations, and the API reference are provided.

AlgorithmBackend Support
Box Filter yes yes yes no
Bilateral Filter yes yes no no
Gaussian Filter yes yes yes no
Gaussian Pyramid Generator yes yes yes no
Convolution yes yes yes no
Separable Convolution yes yes yes no
Convert Image Format yes yes no yes
Rescale yes yes no yes
Remap yes yes no yes1
Perspective Warp yes yes no yes1
FFT yes yes no no
Inverse FFT yes yes no no
Lens Distortion Correction yes yes no yes1
Stereo Disparity Estimator yes yes yes no
KLT Feature Tracker yes yes yes no
Harris Corner Detector yes yes yes no
Temporal Noise Reduction no yes no yes

1Only available on Jetson Xavier NX and Jetson AGX Xavier series.
2Only available on Jetson platforms.