cuBB Quickstart Guide

Aerial CUDA-Accelerated RAN 24-1 (Archive)

This section explains how to run the Aerial cuBB software examples.

Important Terms

Term or Abbreviation


Aerial Software suite that accelerates 5G RAN functions with NVIDIA GPUs
cuBB CUDA GPU software libraries/tools that accelerate 5G RAN compute-intensive processing
cuPHY CUDA 5G PHY layer software library of the cuBB
cuPHY-CP cuPHY control-plane software
HDF5 A data file format used for storing test vectors. The HDF5 software library provides the functions for reading and writing test vectors.
CMake A software tool for configuring the makefiles for building the CUDA examples (
DPDK Data Plane Development Kit
DOCA DOCA is a software framework that helps developers create applications and services on top of the NVIDIA BlueField networking platform.
FH Fronthaul
TV Test Vector

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