9.24. Clara FastIO Variable Passthrough - Compare Operator


This application is NOT for medical use.

This application reads a Nifti file in the expected payload input folder (/input), and the output payload (from another operator) named fastio-to-npz/numpy_npz which is expected to contain a compressed Numpy array file.

It compares the contents of these inputs to ensure

This application, in the form of a Docker container, expects an input folder (/input by default), which must be mapped to a host folder, and an output payload from another operator with output name fastio-to-npz/numpy_npz. The following file is expected in the folder:

  • An image file in Nifti format.

  • A Numpy file (compressed or not)/

A file containing true or false depending on whether the input images are equal.

The directories in the container are shown below.


/app_compare ├── Dockerfile ├── main.py └── requirements.txt

The license to this container is available and can be pulled as part of the procedure described above or obtained from the Clara Deploy SDK. By pulling and using the container, you accept the terms and conditions of these licenses.

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