8.17. Pipeline


Defines a pipeline as a set of operators, with optional global variables and templated values.

The pipeline type is derived from the template type and therefore has any properties defined by template. api-version

type: string

Version of Clara Deploy SDK API expected.

See document (inherited from) for details. orchestrator

type: string

Orchestrator of pipeline expected during execution. Accepted values: Clara and Argo. description

type: string

Human readable description of the pipeline.

See document (inherited from) for details. operators

type: list

Set of operators the pipeline uses during execution. When operators are defined in pipeline definitions, they can either be declared inline as an operator object, or imported from an external file as an import object.

See operator for more details. parameters

type: object

Set of all template placeholder values contained in the document along with their default values.

See template (inherited) for details. name

type: string

Unique name of the pipeline.

Names must be unique within a pipeline definition.

See document (inherited from) for details.

See names for additional information about name in Clara Deploy SDK pipeline definitions. variables

type: object

Set of environment variables which will be available to all pipeline job operators during execution.

See variables for details.

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