18.33. Jobs Create RPC


Requests creation of a new job based on a known pipeline.

rpc Create (JobsCreateRequest) returns (JobsCreateResponse)

18.33.1. Messages

  • JobsCreateRequest

  • JobsCreateResponse


message JobsCreateRequest { RequestHeader header = 1; Identifier pipeline_id = 2; string name = 3; JobPriority priority = 4; repeated Identifier input_payloads = 5; map<string, string> metadata = 6; }

18.34.1. Properties

type: message

Standard RPC request header.

See RequestHeader for details. pipeline_id

type: message

Unique identifier of the pipeline the job will instance.

Required. If the identifier value is omitted from the request or does not match any known pipeline identifier, Clara Deploy SDK will be unable to fulfill the request.

See Identifier for details. name

type: string

Human readable name to be assigned to the job. priority

type: enum

The priority of the create job.

See JobPriority for details. input_payloads

type: list

Set of identifiers of static payloads to include as input for the job. Input payloads must be PAYLOAD_TYPE_STATIC.

Input payloads will be copied into the “~/input/” folder of the job’s storage payload in the order provided.

Any name collisions during content copy will result in an error.

See Identifier for details. metadata

type: map

Metadata (set of key/value pairs) associated with the job.

Key and value are string types.

If duplicate keys are passed in the request, the job will not be created and and an error will be returned.

Keys are compared using case insensitive comparator functions.

The maximum allowed size of a metadata key is 128 bytes, while the maximum allowed size of a metadata value is 256 bytes.

The maximum allowed size for the overall metadata of an individual job is 4 Megabytes.


message JobCreateResponse { ResponseHeader header = 1; Identifier job_id = 2; Identifier payload_id = 3; }

Clara Deploy SDK Jobs service will respond to any create request with a JobsCreateResponse message. Requestors can use the response message to determine the result of their request.

18.35.1. Properties header

type: message

Standard RPC response header.

See ResponseHeader for details. job_id

type: message

Unique identifier of the newly created job.

See Identifier for details. payload_id

type: message

Unique payload identifier of the newly created job.

See Identifier for details.

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