cuquantum.custatevec.dist_index_bit_swap_scheduler_get_parameters(intptr_t handle, intptr_t scheduler, int32_t swap_batch_index, int32_t org_sub_sv_index, params=None) SVSwapParameters[source]

Get the data transfer parameters from the scheduler.

  • handle (intptr_t) – The library handle.

  • scheduler (intptr_t) – The scheduler descriptor.

  • swap_batch_index (int32_t) – The swap batch index for statevector swap parameters.

  • org_sub_sv_index (int32_t) – The index of the origin sub statevector.

  • params

    Optional. If set, it should be

    and the result would be written in-place. Additionally, if an int is passed, there is no return value.


the data transfer parameters that can be consumed later by a data transfer worker.

Return type