cuquantum.custatevec.sampler_create(intptr_t handle, intptr_t sv, int sv_data_type, uint32_t n_index_bits, uint32_t n_max_shots) tuple[source]

Create a sampler descriptor.

  • handle (intptr_t) – The library handle.

  • sv (intptr_t) – The pointer address (as Python int) to the statevector (on device).

  • sv_data_type (cuquantum.cudaDataType) – The data type of the statevector.

  • n_index_bits (uint32_t) – The number of index bits.

  • n_max_shots (uint32_t) – The maximal number of shots that will be performed using this sampler.


A 2-tuple. The first element is the pointer address (as Python int) to the sampler descriptor, and the second element is the amount of required workspace size (in bytes).

Return type