cuquantum.cutensornet.create_slice_group_from_id_range(intptr_t handle, int64_t slice_id_start, int64_t slice_id_stop, int64_t slice_id_step) intptr_t[source]

Create a cutensornetSliceGroup_t object from a range, which produces a sequence of slice IDs from the specified start (inclusive) to the specified stop (exclusive) values with the specified step. The sequence can be increasing or decreasing depending on the start and stop values.

  • handle (intptr_t) – Opaque handle holding cuTensorNet’s library context.

  • slice_id_start (int64_t) – The start slice ID.

  • slice_id_stop (int64_t) – The final slice ID is the largest (smallest) integer that excludes this value and all those above (below) for an increasing (decreasing) sequence.

  • slice_id_step (int64_t) – The step size between two successive slice IDs. A negative step size should be specified for a decreasing sequence.


Opaque object specifying the slice IDs.

Return type