cuquantum.cutensornet.state_update_tensor_operator(intptr_t handle, intptr_t tensor_network_state, int64_t tensor_id, intptr_t tensor_data, int32_t unitary)[source]

Registers an external update of the elements of the specified tensor operator that was previously applied to the tensor network state.

  • handle (intptr_t) – cuTensorNet library handle.

  • tensor_network_state (intptr_t) – Tensor network state.

  • tensor_id (int64_t) – Tensor id assigned during the cutensornetStateApplyTensorOperator call.

  • tensor_data (intptr_t) – Pointer to the updated elements of the tensor operator (tensor operator elements must be of the same type as the state tensor).

  • unitary (int32_t) – Whether or not the tensor operator is unitary with respect to the first and second halves of its modes. This parameter is not applicable to the tensors that are part of a matrix product operator (MPO).