Release Notes 23.10

NVIDIA cuOpt Managed Service
  • Change the cuOpt endpoint to expect an optimization data structure rather than a dictionary

  • Remove penalty, precedence, Objectives : (vehicle, cumul_package_time, cumul_earliest_diff), max_slack, max_lateness_per_vehicle, solution_strategy, initial_solution_strategy, solution_scope, number_of_climbers, number_of_iterations

  • Deprecate task/order priorities, use new feature prizes instead

  • Fix an out of bounds error in drop infeasible task work flow

  • Fix a bug in the engine when the route size is equal to the route_size_limit

  • Add docs for building an user’s own thin client

  • Add an user guide for breaking changes

  • Implement total duration objective which includes both drive times and wait times

  • Implement prize collection

  • Improve logic for time budgeting for initial solution generation

  • Graceful exit when the shared memory limit is exceeded

  • Add a check for client version compatibility to the server

  • Improve the quality of routes and the scalability for TSP

  • Improve file handling in the client for the cuOpt managed service

  • Documentation updates

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