Function holoscan::viz::Init(const char *, uint32_t, uint32_t, uint32_t, InitFlags)

Clara Holoscan v0.4.0
void holoscan::viz::Init(const char *displayName, uint32_t width = 0, uint32_t height = 0, uint32_t refreshRate = 0, InitFlags flags = InitFlags::NONE)

Initialize Holoviz to use a display in exclusive mode.


  • when multiple displays are connected: The display to be used in exclusive mode needs to be disabled in the NVIDIA Settings. Open the X Server Display Configuration tab, select the display and under Configuration select Disabled. Press Apply.

  • when a single display is connected: SSH into the machine, stop the X server with sudo systemctl stop display-manager.

  • displayName – name of the display, this can either be the EDID name as displayed in the NVIDIA Settings, or the output name used by xrandr, if nullptr then the first display is selected.

  • width – desired width, ignored if 0

  • height – desired height, ignored if 0

  • refreshRate – desired refresh rate (number of times the display is refreshed each second multiplied by 1000), ignored if 0

  • flags – init flags

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