Function holoscan::viz::LUT

Clara Holoscan v0.4.0
void holoscan::viz::LUT(uint32_t size, ImageFormat fmt, size_t data_size, const void *data)

Defines the lookup table for this image layer.

If a lookup table is used the image format has to be a single channel integer or float format (e.g. ImageFormat::R8_UINT, ImageFormat::R16_UINT, ImageFormat::R32_UINT, ImageFormat::R32_SFLOAT).

The function processed is as follow


out = lut[clamp(in, 0, size)]

Input image values are clamped to the range of the lookup table size: [0, size[.

  • size – size of the lookup table in elements

  • fmt – lookup table color format

  • data_size – size of the lookup table data in bytes

  • data – host memory pointer to lookup table data

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