part_man - Virtual IPoIB Port Creation Utility

Linux Kernel Upstream Release Notes v6.5

part_man is used to add/remove/show virtual IPoIB ports. Each Mellanox IPoIB port can have multiple virtual IPoIB ports, which can use the default PKey value (0xffff) or a non-default value supplied by the user.



part_man.exe [-v] <add|rem> <network connection name> [iname] [pkey] part_man.exe [-v] <show|remall> part_man.exe -help

Virtual IPoIB Port Creation Utility Options




Add a virtual adapter.


Remove a virtual adapter. When using the rem command, provide the connection name of the newly created virtual adapter. You may also specify the iname and pkey, if needed to disambiguate. All are provided by part_man show.


Removal all virtual adapters.


Show the existing virtual adapters.


Provide help text.


Increases the verbosity level.


Provides a help text.

network connection name

The name of a local area connection, as in Network Connections in Control Panel. For example: "Local Area Connection 2" (quotes are necessary around the name only if it contains a space).


Any printable name without ':', ',', ';' '-' and ' ' and starting with an 'i'. If no iname is specified for an "add" command, one will be auto-generated by the tool.
This parameter, which was previously mandatory, is now optional for these commands.


A 4 hex-digit value. It can be specified if a non-default pkey should be used.
When using the add/rem commands, only one virtual adapter can be added or removed in a single operation.


When using the add/rem commands, only one virtual adapter can be added or removed in a single operation.


Adding and removing a virtual adapter using defaults:


> part_man add "Ethernet 4" ipoib_4_1 Done... > part_man show Ethernet 6 ipoib_4_1 FFFF > part_man rem "Ethernet 6" ipoib_4_1 Done

Adding and removing a virtual adapter using non-defaults:


> part_man add "Ethernet 5" ipoib_5_1 F123 Done... > part_man show Ethernet 7 ipoib_5_1 F123 > part_man rem "Ethernet 7" ipoib_5_1 F123 Or simply... part_man rem "Ethernet 7"

Adding a partial membership PKey value with the upper bit turned off:


part_man add "Ethernet 5" 7123

The new port will use the partial PKey only in the absence of a full membership PKey of the same value (0xf123 for the example above) in the OpenSM configuration. Otherwise the full membership PKey will be chosen.


Make sure that the PKeys used in the part_man commands are supported by the OpenSM running on this port and the membership type of them is consistent with the one defined by OpenSM. If the PKeys are not supported, the new vIPoIB port will stay in a disconnected state until the configuration is fixed.

For further details about partitions configurations for OpenSM, please refer to the section titled “Partitions” in Mellanox OFED for Linux User Manual.

For further details about pre and post configurations for the new vIPoIB port, please refer to Multiple Interfaces over Non-Default PKeys Support.


The part_man tool allows the creation of up to 64 vIPoIB interfaces (32 per port).

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