Unsupported Functionalities/Features

Linux Kernel Upstream Release Notes v6.5

The following are the unsupported functionalities/features in WinOF:


Not Supported as of WinOF Version

Software RSC for tunneled traffic

WinOF v5.50


RDMA in the Guest OSes

ND over virtual switch attached to IPoIB port

Memory Translation Table (MTT) Optimization

RDMA over VM when in SR IOV mode

WinOF 5.35


WinOF 5.22


IBAL performance tools (ib* ibv*)

WinOF 5.10

IBAL ND provider

IPoIB team configuration through PowerShell

WinOF 4.90

IPv6 over IPoIB team ports

VMQ over IPoIB team ports

ConnectX®-2 adapter cards

ND over WinVerbs provider

WinOF 4.52


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