Render Server

The Clara Render Server (RS) provides visualization of medical data.

RS is supporting multiple different rendering algorithms.

Input is 3D volume data together with parameters which determine how the data is rendered.

Output is a video stream.

Before running the container, use docker pull to ensure an up-to-date image is installed. Once the pull is complete, you can run the container image.


Container images for Clara Render Server are available at NGC Registry.

  1. In the Tags section, locate the container image release that you want to run.

  2. In the PULL TAG column in the table, click the icon to copy the docker pull command.

  3. Open a command prompt and paste the pull command. The pulling of the container image begins. Ensure the pull completes successfully before proceeding to the next step.

  4. Create input folder that will be mounted to the container in the next steps.


    mkdir -p input

  5. Create network for Render Server.


    docker network create claranet

  6. Place 3D volume data to input/ExposureRenderer/ folder.

    Put a data set (.mhd and .raw files) as a sub folder on input/ExposureRenderer/ (e.g., input/ExposureRenderer/test folder).

  7. Run Render Server.


    nvidia-docker run -it --rm -d \ --name renderserver \ --network claranet \ -p 2050:2050 \ -v `pwd`/input:/app/datasets \<x.x.x>


    • -it means keeping STDIN open even if not attached, and allocating a pseudo-TTY

    • –rm will delete the container when finished

    • -d is for Detached mode: Run containers in the background

    • –name is for assigning a name to the container

    • –network is for connecting a container to a network

    • -p is for publishing container’s port to host (here, we use 2050)

    • -v is for mounting host folder to container folder

    • <x.x.x> is the container version. For example, 0.1.0.

      Once Render Server is launched, RS detects file changes in input folder periodically. To interact with RS use the Clara Dashboard RenderServer Web app.

  8. Stop container and remove network

    If you want to stop Render Server and remove the network, execute the following commands:


    docker stop renderserver docker network rm claranet

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