Clara Dashboard

The dashboard is a collection of web applications used to interface with containers within the Clara ecosystem. Applications are accessible through most modern web browsers and provide a visual representation of workflow jobs and datasets.

  • IT Admin - Interfacing with the the current Clara Deploy SDK; viewing of job status and details.

IT Admin is the default application when the dashboard is loaded. You can change applications by toggling the navigation button at the top left of the application bar and selecting from the application list.


The navigation drawer menu can be toggled from the top left menu icon and allows you to switch between available applications.


IT Admin Workflow

The workflow application will be loaded with a list of jobs made available by the Clara Deploy SDK. The default refresh interval is 60 seconds. Optionally, you may change the refresh interval by selecting an item from the drop down list. Each job update is time stamped and shown in the dashboard.


Job details can be expanded by clicking on the expand icon located to the right of each job. The current job details will show the job’s current state and status.


Workflow Job States

  • Unknown

  • Pending

  • Running

  • Stopped

Workflow Job Status

  • Unknown

  • Healthy

  • Faulted

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