PayloadFileDetails Message


Information about a file contained in a payload.


message PayloadFileDetails { uint32 mode = 1; uint64 size = 2; string name = 3; }


type: uint32

Mode of the file. Important for tracking, when transferring data between POISX systems, if the file is executable or not.

See Understanding Linux File Permissions for additional information.


type: uint64

Size, in bytes, of the file.


type: string

Unique (within a payload) name of the file, in path format.

With the exception of the Payloads Upload RPC, file names are relative to the root of the payload. When a name is prefixed with a slash '/' character the prefix is ignored. When used with the Payloads Upload RPC, paths are relative to root of the payload’s input folder (itself a child of the payload root folder).

Payload file names are case-insensitive.

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