Kind of connection, declared by a service, which operates over a network. Clara Deploy SDK will ensure its internal firewall is configured to enable requests being sent from operators, which declare a dependency on, to the service.

*Notice: Pipeline services are deprecated as of Clara Deploy SDK v0.7.1 and support for pipeline services, including the ability to utilize them as part of a pipeline job, is expected to be dropped in a future release._


type: string

Name of the connection. Made available to any operator’s container application as an environment variable of the same name.

The value of the supplied environment variable will be a unique-resource-indicator (aka URI) as the means to locate and interact with the service.

See names for additional information about name in Clara Deploy SDK pipeline definitions.


type: integer

Declarations can optionally declare a required port. When a port is declared, Clara Deploy SDK will ensure its internal firewall contains exceptions allowing the service’s container application to receive requests on the specified port.

Port values must be between 1024 and 65535 inclusive._

Declaring a port is not recommended because multiple resources share the same limited set of available ports. When a service is requested and its required port is unavailable, the service will fail to start preventing any pipelines with a requirement for the service to unable to execute.

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