Clara Holoscan Deploy 0.7.4

17.42. Jobs Start RPC

Request starting of a job created by the Create RPC.

rpc Start (JobsStartRequest) returns (JobsStartResponse)

17.42.1. Messages

  • JobsStartRequest
  • JobsStartResponse
  • NamedValue

message JobsStartRequest { message NamedValue { string name = 1; string value = 2; } RequestHeader header = 1; Identifier job_id = 2; repeated NamedValue Variables = 3; }

17.43.1. Properties

type: message

Standard RPC request header.

See RequestHeader for details. job_id

type: message

The Job id for the job that should be started.

Required. If the identifier value is omitted from the request or does not match any known job identifier, Clara Deploy SDK will be unable to fulfill the request.

See Identifier for details. Variables

type: message

Set of key/value pairs to be passed into the job as it starts. Variables passed to a job upon start are used to populate any pipeline parameter values defined by the pipeline the job is executing. Pipeline parameters are, in turn, used to complete any template placeholders present in the definition.

See NamedValue for details.


message JobsStartResponse{ RequestHeader header = 1; JobState state = 2; JobStatus status = 3; }

Clara Deploy SDK Jobs service will respond to any start request with a JobsStartResponse message. Requestors can use the response message to determine the result of their request.

17.44.1. Properties header

type: message

Standard RPC response header.

See ResponseHeader for details. state

type: enum

Current state of the job.

See JobState for details. status

type: enum

Current status of the job.

See JobStatus for details.

Information provided as key-value pairs to a job as it starts.


message NamedValue { string name = 1; string value = 2; }

17.45.1. Properties name

type: string

Name of the variable. value

type: string

Value of the variable.

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