message ModelDetails { // Unique identifier of the model. Identifier model_id = 1; // The name of the model. string name = 2; // Type of the model. ModelType type = 4; // Metadata (set of name/value pairs) of the model. map<string,string> metadata = 8; }


type: message

Unique identifier of the model.

See Identifier for details.


type: string

Name of the model.


type: enum

The type of the model. Corresponds the backend inference engine Triton Inference Server uses to perform inference using the model.


type: map<string,string>

Metadata comprised of a set of key/value pairs. Keys are compared using case insensitive comparator functions. The maximum allowed size of a metadata key is 128 bytes, while the maximum allowed size of a metadata value is 256 bytes. The maximum allowed size for the overall metadata of an individual model is 4 Megabytes.

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