17.13. Pipelines Create RPC


Requests the creation of a new pipeline, based on a definition provided to the service.

rpc Create (stream PipelinesCreateRequest) returns (PipelinesCreateResponse);

17.13.1. Types

  • PipelinesCreateRequest
  • PipelinesCreateResponse

message PipelinesCreateRequest { RequestHeader header = 1; PipelineDefinitionFile definition = 2; map<string, string> metadata = 3; }

17.14.1. Properties

type: message

Standard RPC request header.

See RequestHeader for details. definition

type: message

A file in the definition of the pipeline.

Note that this request is streamed to allow large pipeline definitions beyond the limits of a single GRPC message size. In the case of large pipelines, parts of the pipeline definition may be chunked into multiple parts such that the server will concatenate all parts having the same name into a single file server-side.

Definitions spanning multiple files can also be streamed via the create request.

Pipeline definition file names are case-preserving. When a definition contains multiple files with names that only differ by case, they will be combined into a single file using one of the colliding names as the combined file’s name.

See PipelineDefinitionFile for details.

17.14.2. metadata

type: map

Metadata (set of key/value pairs) associated with the pipeline.

Key and value are string types.

If duplicate keys are passed in the request, the pipeline will not be created and and an error will be returned.

Keys are compared using case insensitive comparator functions.

The maximum allowed size of a metadata key is 128 bytes, while the maximum allowed size of a metadata value is 256 bytes.

The maximum allowed size for the overall metadata of an individual pipeline is 4 Megabytes.


message PipelineCreateResponse { ResponseHeader header = 1; Identifier pipeline_id = 2; }

Clara Deploy SDK Pipelines service will respond to any creation request with a PipelinesCreateResponse message. Requestors can use the response message to determine the result of their request.

17.15.1. Properties header

type: message

Standard RPC response header.

See ResponseHeader for details. pipeline_id

type: message

Unique identifier of the pipeline.

See Identifier for details.

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