19.36. Jobs List RPC


Requests a filtered list of all known jobs, or a list of all running jobs when no filter is provided.

rpc List(JobsListRequest) returns (stream JobsListResponse);


  • JobsListRequest

  • JobsListResponse


message JobsListRequest { message JobFilter { Timestamp completed_before = 1; Timestamp created_after = 2; repeated JobState has_state = 3; repeated JobStatus has_status = 4; repeated Identifier pipeline_id = 5; } RequestHeader header = 1; JobFilter filter = 2; }


type: message

Standard RPC request header.

See RequestHeader for details.

type: message

Filters applied the possible list of jobs reported.

See JobFilter for details.


message JobsListResponse{ message JobDetails { Identifier job_id = 1; Identifier job_id = 2; Identifier pipeline_id = 3; string jobs_name = 4; } RequestHeader header = 1; JobDetails job_details = 2; }

Clara Deploy SDK Jobs service will respond to any list request with a JobsListResponse message. Requestors can use the response message to determine the result of their request.


type: message

Standard RPC response header.

See ResponseHeader for details.

type: message

A job in the list. Note that this response is streamed, with a separate response per job being listed.

See JobDetails.md for details.

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