19.23. Pipelines Remove RPC


Requests the removal of a pipeline definition from the service.

rpc Remove (PipelinesRemoveRequest) returns (PipelinesRemoveResponse);

message PipelinesRemoveRequest { RequestHeader header = 1; Identifier pipeline_id = 2; }

19.24.1. Properties

type: message

Standard RPC request header.

See RequestHeader for details. pipeline_id

type: message

Unique identifier of the pipeline to remove.

Required. If the identifier value is omitted from the request or does not match any known pipeline identifier, Clara Deploy SDK will be unable to fulfill the request.

See Identifier for details.


message PipelineRemoveResponse { ResponseHeader header = 1; }

Clara Deploy SDK Pipelines service will respond to any remove request with a PipelinesRemoveResponse message. Requestors can use the response message to determine the result of their request.

19.25.1. Properties header

type: message

Standard RPC response header.

See ResponseHeader for details.

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