9.19. Service


Defines a long running container application which can support multiple operators in parallel. Clara Deploy SDK will ensure that any service declared as required by a pipeline’s operator(s) is running before starting the execution of any of a pipeline’s operator(s).

The service type is derived from the document type.

*Notice: Pipeline services are deprecated as of Clara Deploy SDK v0.7.1 and support for pipeline services, including the ability to utilize them as part of a pipeline job, is expected to be dropped in a future release._ api-version

type: string

Version of Clara Deploy SDK expected by the service.

See document (inherited) for details. connections

type: object

Declares the methods by which an operator can communicate with a service. Clara Deploy SDK supports HTTP/network and volume mounted connections. container

type: object

Required information necessary for Clara Deploy SDK to locate, initialize, and execute the services’s container application.

See container for details. description

type: string

Human readable description of the service. name

type: string

Unique name of the service. When imported into a pipeline, can be overwritten by the local name property value.

See document (inherited) for details.

See names for additional information about name in Clara Deploy SDK pipeline definitions. requests

type: object

Hardware minimum requirements required by the service to function.

See requests for details. variables

type: object

Set of environment variables which will be available to the services container application.

See variables for details.

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