Names in a Clara Deploy SDK pipeline definition are used to connect the components of the pipeline together. Operators reference each other and declare dependencies by name. Inputs reference the outputs of operators using a combination of the name of the operator and the name of its output. Services export information about their connections, required to enable their usage, by name.

Names in a Clara Deploy SDK pipeline definition must adhere to the following restrictions:

  • must be at least one character long.
  • cannot exceed 255 characters in length.
  • may only be comprised of Latin-1 letter ('A'-'z') and number ('0'-'9') characters, the hyphen ('-') character, and the underscore ('_') character.

Names in a Clara Deploy SDK pipeline definition have the following attributes:

  • are not case-sensitive.
  • must be unique within a pipeline definition.

In some cases, names are used as the key or name of an environment variable provided to the containerized application at runtime. In these case, the value of the name must also abide by any and all rules or requirements of the operating system of the containerized application with regards to the naming of environment variables.

See Wikipedia’s entry on environment variables for more information.

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