9.15. Operator


Defines a short-lived, containerized application, intended for operating as part of a pipeline. Operator definitions include its container application, inputs, outputs, and other details with the intention of enabling reuse of the operation in multiple pipeline definitions.

The operator type is derived from the template type, and therefore contains any properties defined by template. api-version

type: string

Version of Clara Deploy SDK API expected.

See document (inherited from) for details. container

type: object

Required information necessary for Clara Deploy SDK to locate, initialize, and execute the operator’s container application.

See container for details. description

type: string

Human readable description of the operator.

See document (inherited) for details. input

type: list

List of readable volumes required by the operator to execute.

See input for details. output

type: list

List of writable volumes required by the operator to execute.

See output for details. parameters

type: object

Set of all template placeholder] values contained in the document along with their default values.

See template (inherited) for details. name

type: string

Unique name of the operator.

Names must be unique within a pipeline definition.

See document (inherited) for details.

See names for additional information about names in Clara Deploy SDK pipeline definitions. models

(available api-version 0.6.0 and above)

type: list

List of inference models required by the operator.

Listed models will be loaded by Triton Inference Server and made available to the requesting operator(s) prior to the start of any pipeline job requiring them.

See models for additional details. requests

type: object

Hardware minimum requirements required by the operator to execute.

See requests for details. services

type: list

List of service or import declaration declaring the service(s) required by the operator to execute.

See service for details.

*Notice: Pipeline services are deprecated as of Clara Deploy SDK v0.7.1 and support for pipeline services, including the ability to utilize them as part of a pipeline job, is expected to be dropped in a future release._ variables

type: object

Set of environment variables which will be available to the operators container application.

See variables for details.

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