NGC Containers


In addition to the samples and packages that are installed locally as part of the Clara Holoscan SDK, containerized samples are also provided via the NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC).

In order to access the Clara Holoscan containers, you must first create an account and login to NGC via Once logged into NGC, the Catalog will provide access to all of the NVIDIA-provided containers, models, and other resources. In order to narrow this down to display just the containers provided as part of Clara Holoscan, the Clara Holoscan label can be used as a search query by typing label: Clara Holoscan into the search bar, or by using the following link:

To pull these Docker images to your system, generate an API key and set up the NGC CLI via the instructions at

The Clara Holoscan containers that are posted to NGC may be updated separately from the Clara Holoscan SDK releases, and so these containers may not be documented here. Please refer to the description page for the individual containers on NGC for any additional documentation related to these containers.


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