The Clara Holoscan SDK has been optimized to work with either the Jetson AGX Xavier or Clara AGX Developer Kits. The following additional components are required to make use of various feature or samples included with the Holoscan SDK.

The following components are required and will be installed onto the AGX device using the NVIDIA SDK Manager.

A CSI camera module is used for the execution of the DeepStream and endoscopy sample applications on the target AGX device. While many CSI camera modules should work with the samples, the following have been tested and are recommended.


The Leopard IMX-390 requires a custom kernel, which can be built using the L4T kernel build instructions


Camera modules with CSI connectors are not supported in dGPU mode on Clara AGX Developer kit.

The DeepStream Sample application may also be run on either the NVIDIA Xavier or the Linux x86 host machine using a USB camera. Many USB cameras should be compatible, but the following have been tested with the Holoscan SDK.

During setup, the Clara Holoscan SDK requires a Linux x86 PC with the following hardware and software:

The following software is also required and will be installed by SDK Manager as part of the Clara Holoscan SDK installation.

After setup is complete the host machine is no longer needed to operate the AGX developer kit, but it may be required for certain tasks such as measuring HDMI latency using the latency measurement tool.

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