7.9. cudaDeviceProp Struct Reference

[Data types used by CUDA Runtime]

CUDA device properties

Public Variables

int  ECCEnabled
int  accessPolicyMaxWindowSize
int  asyncEngineCount
int  canMapHostMemory
int  canUseHostPointerForRegisteredMem
int  clockRate
int  clusterLaunch
int  computeMode
int  computePreemptionSupported
int  concurrentKernels
int  concurrentManagedAccess
int  cooperativeLaunch
int  cooperativeMultiDeviceLaunch
int  deferredMappingCudaArraySupported
int  deviceOverlap
int  directManagedMemAccessFromHost
int  globalL1CacheSupported
unsigned int  gpuDirectRDMAFlushWritesOptions
int  gpuDirectRDMASupported
int  gpuDirectRDMAWritesOrdering
int  hostNativeAtomicSupported
int  hostRegisterReadOnlySupported
int  hostRegisterSupported
int  integrated
int  ipcEventSupported
int  isMultiGpuBoard
int  kernelExecTimeoutEnabled
int  l2CacheSize
int  localL1CacheSupported
char  luid[8]
unsigned int  luidDeviceNodeMask
int  major
int  managedMemory
int  maxBlocksPerMultiProcessor
int  maxGridSize[3]
int  maxSurface1D
int  maxSurface1DLayered[2]
int  maxSurface2D[2]
int  maxSurface2DLayered[3]
int  maxSurface3D[3]
int  maxSurfaceCubemap
int  maxSurfaceCubemapLayered[2]
int  maxTexture1D
int  maxTexture1DLayered[2]
int  maxTexture1DLinear
int  maxTexture1DMipmap
int  maxTexture2D[2]
int  maxTexture2DGather[2]
int  maxTexture2DLayered[3]
int  maxTexture2DLinear[3]
int  maxTexture2DMipmap[2]
int  maxTexture3D[3]
int  maxTexture3DAlt[3]
int  maxTextureCubemap
int  maxTextureCubemapLayered[2]
int  maxThreadsDim[3]
int  maxThreadsPerBlock
int  maxThreadsPerMultiProcessor
size_t  memPitch
int  memoryBusWidth
int  memoryClockRate
unsigned int  memoryPoolSupportedHandleTypes
int  memoryPoolsSupported
int  minor
int  multiGpuBoardGroupID
int  multiProcessorCount
char  name[256]
int  pageableMemoryAccess
int  pageableMemoryAccessUsesHostPageTables
int  pciBusID
int  pciDeviceID
int  pciDomainID
int  persistingL2CacheMaxSize
int  regsPerBlock
int  regsPerMultiprocessor
int  reserved[60]
int  reserved1[1]
size_t  reservedSharedMemPerBlock
size_t  sharedMemPerBlock
size_t  sharedMemPerBlockOptin
size_t  sharedMemPerMultiprocessor
int  singleToDoublePrecisionPerfRatio
int  sparseCudaArraySupported
int  streamPrioritiesSupported
size_t  surfaceAlignment
int  tccDriver
size_t  textureAlignment
size_t  texturePitchAlignment
int  timelineSemaphoreInteropSupported
size_t  totalConstMem
size_t  totalGlobalMem
int  unifiedAddressing
int  unifiedFunctionPointers
cudaUUID_t  uuid
int  warpSize


int cudaDeviceProp::ECCEnabled [inherited]

Device has ECC support enabled

int cudaDeviceProp::accessPolicyMaxWindowSize [inherited]

The maximum value of cudaAccessPolicyWindow::num_bytes.

int cudaDeviceProp::asyncEngineCount [inherited]

Number of asynchronous engines

int cudaDeviceProp::canMapHostMemory [inherited]

Device can map host memory with cudaHostAlloc/cudaHostGetDevicePointer

int cudaDeviceProp::canUseHostPointerForRegisteredMem [inherited]

Device can access host registered memory at the same virtual address as the CPU

int cudaDeviceProp::clockRate [inherited]

Deprecated, Clock frequency in kilohertz

int cudaDeviceProp::clusterLaunch [inherited]

Indicates device supports cluster launch

int cudaDeviceProp::computeMode [inherited]

Deprecated, Compute mode (See cudaComputeMode)

int cudaDeviceProp::computePreemptionSupported [inherited]

Device supports Compute Preemption

int cudaDeviceProp::concurrentKernels [inherited]

Device can possibly execute multiple kernels concurrently

int cudaDeviceProp::concurrentManagedAccess [inherited]

Device can coherently access managed memory concurrently with the CPU

int cudaDeviceProp::cooperativeLaunch [inherited]

Device supports launching cooperative kernels via cudaLaunchCooperativeKernel

int cudaDeviceProp::cooperativeMultiDeviceLaunch [inherited]

Deprecated, cudaLaunchCooperativeKernelMultiDevice is deprecated.

int cudaDeviceProp::deferredMappingCudaArraySupported [inherited]

1 if the device supports deferred mapping CUDA arrays and CUDA mipmapped arrays

int cudaDeviceProp::deviceOverlap [inherited]

Device can concurrently copy memory and execute a kernel. Deprecated. Use instead asyncEngineCount.

int cudaDeviceProp::directManagedMemAccessFromHost [inherited]

Host can directly access managed memory on the device without migration.

int cudaDeviceProp::globalL1CacheSupported [inherited]

Device supports caching globals in L1

unsigned int cudaDeviceProp::gpuDirectRDMAFlushWritesOptions [inherited]

Bitmask to be interpreted according to the cudaFlushGPUDirectRDMAWritesOptions enum

int cudaDeviceProp::gpuDirectRDMASupported [inherited]

1 if the device supports GPUDirect RDMA APIs, 0 otherwise

int cudaDeviceProp::gpuDirectRDMAWritesOrdering [inherited]

See the cudaGPUDirectRDMAWritesOrdering enum for numerical values

int cudaDeviceProp::hostNativeAtomicSupported [inherited]

Link between the device and the host supports native atomic operations

int cudaDeviceProp::hostRegisterReadOnlySupported [inherited]

Device supports using the cudaHostRegister flag cudaHostRegisterReadOnly to register memory that must be mapped as read-only to the GPU

int cudaDeviceProp::hostRegisterSupported [inherited]

Device supports host memory registration via cudaHostRegister.

int cudaDeviceProp::integrated [inherited]

Device is integrated as opposed to discrete

int cudaDeviceProp::ipcEventSupported [inherited]

Device supports IPC Events.

int cudaDeviceProp::isMultiGpuBoard [inherited]

Device is on a multi-GPU board

int cudaDeviceProp::kernelExecTimeoutEnabled [inherited]

Deprecated, Specified whether there is a run time limit on kernels

int cudaDeviceProp::l2CacheSize [inherited]

Size of L2 cache in bytes

int cudaDeviceProp::localL1CacheSupported [inherited]

Device supports caching locals in L1

char cudaDeviceProp::luid[8] [inherited]

8-byte locally unique identifier. Value is undefined on TCC and non-Windows platforms

unsigned int cudaDeviceProp::luidDeviceNodeMask [inherited]

LUID device node mask. Value is undefined on TCC and non-Windows platforms

int cudaDeviceProp::major [inherited]

Major compute capability

int cudaDeviceProp::managedMemory [inherited]

Device supports allocating managed memory on this system

int cudaDeviceProp::maxBlocksPerMultiProcessor [inherited]

Maximum number of resident blocks per multiprocessor

int cudaDeviceProp::maxGridSize[3] [inherited]

Maximum size of each dimension of a grid

int cudaDeviceProp::maxSurface1D [inherited]

Maximum 1D surface size

int cudaDeviceProp::maxSurface1DLayered[2] [inherited]

Maximum 1D layered surface dimensions

int cudaDeviceProp::maxSurface2D[2] [inherited]

Maximum 2D surface dimensions

int cudaDeviceProp::maxSurface2DLayered[3] [inherited]

Maximum 2D layered surface dimensions

int cudaDeviceProp::maxSurface3D[3] [inherited]

Maximum 3D surface dimensions

int cudaDeviceProp::maxSurfaceCubemap [inherited]

Maximum Cubemap surface dimensions

int cudaDeviceProp::maxSurfaceCubemapLayered[2] [inherited]

Maximum Cubemap layered surface dimensions

int cudaDeviceProp::maxTexture1D [inherited]

Maximum 1D texture size

int cudaDeviceProp::maxTexture1DLayered[2] [inherited]

Maximum 1D layered texture dimensions

int cudaDeviceProp::maxTexture1DLinear [inherited]
int cudaDeviceProp::maxTexture1DMipmap [inherited]

Maximum 1D mipmapped texture size

int cudaDeviceProp::maxTexture2D[2] [inherited]

Maximum 2D texture dimensions

int cudaDeviceProp::maxTexture2DGather[2] [inherited]

Maximum 2D texture dimensions if texture gather operations have to be performed

int cudaDeviceProp::maxTexture2DLayered[3] [inherited]

Maximum 2D layered texture dimensions

int cudaDeviceProp::maxTexture2DLinear[3] [inherited]

Maximum dimensions (width, height, pitch) for 2D textures bound to pitched memory

int cudaDeviceProp::maxTexture2DMipmap[2] [inherited]

Maximum 2D mipmapped texture dimensions

int cudaDeviceProp::maxTexture3D[3] [inherited]

Maximum 3D texture dimensions

int cudaDeviceProp::maxTexture3DAlt[3] [inherited]

Maximum alternate 3D texture dimensions

int cudaDeviceProp::maxTextureCubemap [inherited]

Maximum Cubemap texture dimensions

int cudaDeviceProp::maxTextureCubemapLayered[2] [inherited]

Maximum Cubemap layered texture dimensions

int cudaDeviceProp::maxThreadsDim[3] [inherited]

Maximum size of each dimension of a block

int cudaDeviceProp::maxThreadsPerBlock [inherited]

Maximum number of threads per block

int cudaDeviceProp::maxThreadsPerMultiProcessor [inherited]

Maximum resident threads per multiprocessor

size_t cudaDeviceProp::memPitch [inherited]

Maximum pitch in bytes allowed by memory copies

int cudaDeviceProp::memoryBusWidth [inherited]

Global memory bus width in bits

int cudaDeviceProp::memoryClockRate [inherited]

Deprecated, Peak memory clock frequency in kilohertz

unsigned int cudaDeviceProp::memoryPoolSupportedHandleTypes [inherited]

Bitmask of handle types supported with mempool-based IPC

int cudaDeviceProp::memoryPoolsSupported [inherited]

1 if the device supports using the cudaMallocAsync and cudaMemPool family of APIs, 0 otherwise

int cudaDeviceProp::minor [inherited]

Minor compute capability

int cudaDeviceProp::multiGpuBoardGroupID [inherited]

Unique identifier for a group of devices on the same multi-GPU board

int cudaDeviceProp::multiProcessorCount [inherited]

Number of multiprocessors on device

char cudaDeviceProp::name[256] [inherited]

ASCII string identifying device

int cudaDeviceProp::pageableMemoryAccess [inherited]

Device supports coherently accessing pageable memory without calling cudaHostRegister on it

int cudaDeviceProp::pageableMemoryAccessUsesHostPageTables [inherited]

Device accesses pageable memory via the host's page tables

int cudaDeviceProp::pciBusID [inherited]

PCI bus ID of the device

int cudaDeviceProp::pciDeviceID [inherited]

PCI device ID of the device

int cudaDeviceProp::pciDomainID [inherited]

PCI domain ID of the device

int cudaDeviceProp::persistingL2CacheMaxSize [inherited]

Device's maximum l2 persisting lines capacity setting in bytes

int cudaDeviceProp::regsPerBlock [inherited]

32-bit registers available per block

int cudaDeviceProp::regsPerMultiprocessor [inherited]

32-bit registers available per multiprocessor

int cudaDeviceProp::reserved[60] [inherited]

Reserved for future use

int cudaDeviceProp::reserved1[1] [inherited]

Reserved for future use

size_t cudaDeviceProp::reservedSharedMemPerBlock [inherited]

Shared memory reserved by CUDA driver per block in bytes

size_t cudaDeviceProp::sharedMemPerBlock [inherited]

Shared memory available per block in bytes

size_t cudaDeviceProp::sharedMemPerBlockOptin [inherited]

Per device maximum shared memory per block usable by special opt in

size_t cudaDeviceProp::sharedMemPerMultiprocessor [inherited]

Shared memory available per multiprocessor in bytes

int cudaDeviceProp::singleToDoublePrecisionPerfRatio [inherited]

Deprecated, Ratio of single precision performance (in floating-point operations per second) to double precision performance

int cudaDeviceProp::sparseCudaArraySupported [inherited]

1 if the device supports sparse CUDA arrays and sparse CUDA mipmapped arrays, 0 otherwise

int cudaDeviceProp::streamPrioritiesSupported [inherited]

Device supports stream priorities

size_t cudaDeviceProp::surfaceAlignment [inherited]

Alignment requirements for surfaces

int cudaDeviceProp::tccDriver [inherited]

1 if device is a Tesla device using TCC driver, 0 otherwise

size_t cudaDeviceProp::textureAlignment [inherited]

Alignment requirement for textures

size_t cudaDeviceProp::texturePitchAlignment [inherited]

Pitch alignment requirement for texture references bound to pitched memory

int cudaDeviceProp::timelineSemaphoreInteropSupported [inherited]

External timeline semaphore interop is supported on the device

size_t cudaDeviceProp::totalConstMem [inherited]

Constant memory available on device in bytes

size_t cudaDeviceProp::totalGlobalMem [inherited]

Global memory available on device in bytes

int cudaDeviceProp::unifiedAddressing [inherited]

Device shares a unified address space with the host

int cudaDeviceProp::unifiedFunctionPointers [inherited]

Indicates device supports unified pointers

cudaUUID_t cudaDeviceProp::uuid [inherited]

16-byte unique identifier

int cudaDeviceProp::warpSize [inherited]

Warp size in threads