7.31. cudaGraphKernelNodeUpdate Struct Reference

[Data types used by CUDA Runtime]

Struct to specify a single node update to pass as part of a larger array to cudaGraphKernelNodeUpdatesApply

Public Variables

enumcudaGraphKernelNodeField field
uint3  gridDim
unsigned int  isEnabled
cudaGraphDeviceNode_t node
size_t  offset
const void * pValue
cudaGraphKernelNodeUpdate::@29::@30  param
size_t  size
cudaGraphKernelNodeUpdate::@29  updateData


enumcudaGraphKernelNodeFieldcudaGraphKernelNodeUpdate::field [inherited]

Which type of update to apply. Determines how updateData is interpreted

uint3 cudaGraphKernelNodeUpdate::gridDim [inherited]

Grid dimensions

unsigned int cudaGraphKernelNodeUpdate::isEnabled [inherited]

Node enable/disable data. Nonzero if the node should be enabled, 0 if it should be disabled

cudaGraphDeviceNode_tcudaGraphKernelNodeUpdate::node [inherited]

Node to update

size_t cudaGraphKernelNodeUpdate::offset [inherited]

Offset into the parameter buffer at which to apply the update

const void * cudaGraphKernelNodeUpdate::pValue [inherited]

Kernel parameter data to write in

cudaGraphKernelNodeUpdate::@29::@30 cudaGraphKernelNodeUpdate::param [inherited]

Kernel parameter data

size_t cudaGraphKernelNodeUpdate::size [inherited]

Number of bytes to update

cudaGraphKernelNodeUpdate::@29 cudaGraphKernelNodeUpdate::updateData [inherited]

Update data to apply. Which field is used depends on field's value