7.38. cudaKernelNodeParamsV2 Struct Reference

[Data types used by CUDA Runtime]

CUDA GPU kernel node parameters

Public Variables

uint3  blockDim
void * func
uint3  gridDim
unsigned int  sharedMemBytes


uint3 cudaKernelNodeParamsV2::blockDim [inherited]

Block dimensions

* cudaKernelNodeParamsV2::extra [inherited]

Pointer to kernel arguments in the "extra" format

void * cudaKernelNodeParamsV2::func [inherited]

Kernel to launch

uint3 cudaKernelNodeParamsV2::gridDim [inherited]

Grid dimensions

* cudaKernelNodeParamsV2::kernelParams [inherited]

Array of pointers to individual kernel arguments

unsigned int cudaKernelNodeParamsV2::sharedMemBytes [inherited]

Dynamic shared-memory size per thread block in bytes