7.52. cudaMemPoolProps Struct Reference

[Data types used by CUDA Runtime]

Specifies the properties of allocations made from the pool.

Public Variables

enumcudaMemAllocationType allocType
enumcudaMemAllocationHandleType handleTypes
struct cudaMemLocation location
size_t  maxSize
unsigned char  reserved[56]
void * win32SecurityAttributes


enumcudaMemAllocationTypecudaMemPoolProps::allocType [inherited]

Allocation type. Currently must be specified as cudaMemAllocationTypePinned

enumcudaMemAllocationHandleTypecudaMemPoolProps::handleTypes [inherited]

Handle types that will be supported by allocations from the pool.

struct cudaMemLocationcudaMemPoolProps::location [inherited]

Location allocations should reside.

size_t cudaMemPoolProps::maxSize [inherited]

Maximum pool size. When set to 0, defaults to a system dependent value.

unsigned char cudaMemPoolProps::reserved[56] [inherited]

reserved for future use, must be 0

void * cudaMemPoolProps::win32SecurityAttributes [inherited]

Windows-specific LPSECURITYATTRIBUTES required when cudaMemHandleTypeWin32 is specified. This security attribute defines the scope of which exported allocations may be tranferred to other processes. In all other cases, this field is required to be zero.