7.41. cudaLaunchConfig_t Struct Reference

[Data types used by CUDA Runtime]

CUDA extensible launch configuration

Public Variables

dim3  blockDim
size_t  dynamicSmemBytes
dim3  gridDim
unsigned int  numAttrs
cudaStream_t stream


cudaLaunchAttribute * cudaLaunchConfig_t::attrs [inherited]

List of attributes; nullable if cudaLaunchConfig_t::numAttrs == 0

dim3 cudaLaunchConfig_t::blockDim [inherited]

Block dimensions

size_t cudaLaunchConfig_t::dynamicSmemBytes [inherited]

Dynamic shared-memory size per thread block in bytes

dim3 cudaLaunchConfig_t::gridDim [inherited]

Grid dimensions

unsigned int cudaLaunchConfig_t::numAttrs [inherited]

Number of attributes populated in cudaLaunchConfig_t::attrs

cudaStream_tcudaLaunchConfig_t::stream [inherited]

Stream identifier