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A Workbench Project is a structured Git repository that defines a containerized development environment in a transparent way that’s easy for NVIDIA AI Workbench to run. Workbench Projects let you version your development environment along with your code.

The Basics

  • Projects are just Git repositories with some configuration files that follow a simple specification.

  • If the proper configuration files are added, any Git repository can become a Workbench Project.

  • AI Workbench reads the configuration files and uses the information to build and run a containerized development environment.

  • Project configuration files also provide information on the applications installed in the environment, and how to manage them.

  • The combination of the Project structure and AI Workbench automation provides streamlining, reproducibility and portability for GPU enabled development environments.

Types of Configurations

  • Project Configuration files: These keep track of everything required to reproduce a development environment.

  • Environments: Projects track the base image used to build the environment and packages that are installed on top of it.

  • Run time configuration: Projects track environment variables and parameters like the number of GPUs to be mounted in the container.

  • Application configuration: Projects capture commands and parameters for running applications inside the container.


AI Workbench follows a set of conventions based on the configuration information in a Project. This drives automation for portability and reproducibility, as well as application management.

Streamlining and Automation Driven by Simple Configuration

  • AI Workbench management of the Project is driven by the configuration files and user actions in the UI.

  • AI Workbench reads, alters and versions the configuration files based on user actions. Users can also edit them directly.

  • AI Workbench versions the configuration files via Git to keep configuration changes in sync with code and data changes.

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