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Git is a critical component of AI Workbench, and it serves as the foundation for building AI projects. AI Workbench leverages Git to version and synchronize work, making it easy for users to collaborate and maintain their projects.

AI Workbench automates simple Git operations, making it easy for beginners to get started while saving time for skilled users. This streamlined process allows you to focus on your work without worrying about the intricacies of Git.

Each project in AI Workbench is its own Git repository. To back up your work, share it with others, or move it between compute resources, AI Workbench allows you to publish and synchronize your projects with a Git server.

AI Workbench uses the native Git installation on your host, so you can typically use Git commands manually if you need to. This integration provides flexibility and allows you to work with Git in a way that feels natural and familiar.

Future work will continue to expand AI Workbench’s Git capabilities.

When making a commit with Git, you must to specify your Git Author information. This includes your name and email address, which are used to attribute the commit.

AI Workbench uses the global Git author configuration by default. If you have already set up a global Git author config, it will be used. If not, and you log into a Git server during installation, we’ll automatically set your global Git author configuration based on the name and email used in your Git server.

If you skip logging into a Git server during installation, you’ll need to provide a name and email address to make commits. You can always change your Git author information in the Desktop App settings window.

AI Workbench leverages Git LFS to efficiently manage large and binary files, providing a seamless experience with zero additional configuration.

By default, AI Workbench configures directories to track files with Git LFS. These directories include data/ and models/.

Please note that depending on your Git Server, Git LFS may have usage caps and associated fees.

AI Workbench is still rapidly evolving, and we plan to expand our git features soon.

  • Currently, AI Workbench does not support branching. You must work on the main branch only.

  • Only conflict-free merges on the pull are supported. If there is a conflict you must resolve it yourself.

  • You cannot manipulate the working tree in the AI workbench yet. Triggering a commit via AI Workbench will stage and commit all files.

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