17.69. PayloadFileDetails Message


Information about a file contained in a payload.


message PayloadFileDetails { uint32 mode = 1; uint64 size = 2; string name = 3; } mode

type: uint32

Mode of the file. Important for tracking, when transferring data between POISX systems, if the file is executable or not.

See Understanding Linux File Permissions for additional information. size

type: uint64

Size, in bytes, of the file. name

type: string

Unique (within a payload) name of the file, in path format.

With the exception of the Payloads Upload RPC, file names are relative to the root of the payload. When a name is prefixed with a slash '/' character the prefix is ignored. When used with the Payloads Upload RPC, paths are relative to root of the payload’s input folder (itself a child of the payload root folder).

Payload file names are case-insensitive.

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