Clara Holoscan Deploy 0.8.1 EA

15. Connectivity With a PACS/DICOM Server

To trigger a new pipeline job with the Clara Deploy SDK, the user must configure both remote Application Entity (AE) as well as Clara’s DICOM Adapter.

After registering a new pipeline:

  1. Define a new Clara AE Title for the new pipeline in the dicom>scp>ae-titles section.

  2. Map the Clara AE Title defined in the previous step under pipeline-mappings.

  3. Allow the Clara DICOM Adapter to receive associations from the remote AE under the dicom>scp>sources section by adding the remote AE’s IP address and AE Title.

  4. Configure the remote DICOM client (e.g. PACS) to enable communication with this newly defined AE Title.

Please refer to the Configuration section of DICOM Adapter for detail configuration options.

To export results from Clara, both the remote AE and Clara must be configured to communicate with each other.

  1. Configure the pipeline to register results to agent ClaraSCU (defined under dicom>scu>ae-title) in the DICOM Adapter configuration file.

  2. Add a new destination in dicom>scu>destinations.

  3. Register ClaraSCU with the remote AE (e.g. PACS).

15.3.1.Q: Clara is not receiving data from PACS or other DICOM-enabled devices

Please check the following:

  • Sending data to the correct AE Title ClaraSCP with the correct IP address or host name.

  • Clara is configured to allow connections from the remote AE in the configuration file under dicom>scp>sources.

  • Make sure the port number configured, default 104, is not blocked by the firewall.

15.3.2.Q: Clara is receiving DICOM data but not launching a new job

Confirm that the Clara services are running by making sure that clara is listed in the results:

helm ls

Please also make sure that the pipeline is correctly registered with the clara create pipeline command and the pipeline-id is correctly mapped in the pipeline-mappings section of the DICOM Adapter configuration file.

15.3.3.Q: Results are not delivered to PACS or other DICOM-enabled devices

Please check the following:

  • Pipeline is configured to register results with ClaraSCU.

  • The destinations configured in the pipeline are defined in the DICOM Adapter configuration under dicom>scu>destinations.

  • Remote devices are configured to allow incoming association from ClaraSCU.

  • Results are in valid DICOM format.

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