Clara Render Service


The Clara Render Service provides realistic visualization of 3D medical data.

Clients connect to the server using a gRPC interface. The 3D medical image data and properties defining how to render the data are provided by the client. The server then provides a video stream of the visualized data.

This container works with the Clara Render Dataset Service and Clara Dashboard to manage data sets and visualize data on the web browser.

Before running the container, use docker pull to ensure an up-to-date image is installed. Once the pull is complete, you can run the container image.


  1. In the Tags section, locate the container image release that you want to run.

  2. In the PULL TAG column in the table, click the icon to copy the docker pull command.

  3. Open a command prompt and paste the pull command. Ensure the pull completes successfully before proceeding to the next step.

  4. Run the Render Service as follows:


    # Export some configurations export ARGS_SERVICE_RSNG_PORT=2050 # Port number of Render Service nvidia-docker run -it --rm -d \ --name renderserver \ -p ${ARGS_SERVICE_RSNG_PORT:-2050}:2050 \<x.x.x>


    • -it will keep STDIN open even if not attached and allocate a pseudo-TTY

    • --rm will delete the container when finished

    • -d enables Detached mode: Containers are run in the background

    • --name assigns a name to the container

    • -p publishes the container port to the host (here, we use 2050)

    • <x.x.x> is the container version (for example, 0.1.0).

      You can also mount a cache folder to /cache for improved performance (e.g., -v /tmp:/cache). Cache folders inside the container are defined by the following environment variables (you can change the value by -e option):

      • CUDA_CACHE_PATH=/cache/CudaCache

      • OPTIX_CACHE_PATH=/cache/OptixCache

      To interact with Render Service, use the Clara Dashboard.

  5. Stop the container.

If you want to stop Render Server, use the following command:


docker stop renderserver

The license to this container is available and can be pulled as part of the procedure described above or obtained from the Clara Deploy SDK. By pulling and using the container, you accept the terms and conditions of these licenses.

Release Notes, the Getting Started Guide, and the SDK itself are available at the NVIDIA Developer forum.

For answers to any questions you may have about this release, visit the NVIDIA Devtalk forum.

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