NVIDIA 2D Image And Signal Performance Primitives (NPP)  Version 11.2.1.*
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oNPP CoreBasic functions for library management, in particular library version and device property query functions
oNPP Type Definitions and ConstantsDefinitions of types, structures, enumerations and constants available in the library
|\Basic NPP Data TypesDefinitions of basic types available in the library
oNPP Image ProcessingThe set of image processing functions available in the library
|oArithmetic and Logical OperationsThese functions can be found in the nppial library
|oColor and Sampling ConversionRoutines manipulating an image's color model and sampling format
|oData Exchange and InitializationFunctions for initializing, copying and converting image data
|oFiltering FunctionsLinear and non-linear image filtering functions
|oGeometry TransformsRoutines manipulating an image geometry
|oLinear TransformsLinear image transformations
|oMorphological OperationsMorphological image operations
|oStatistical OperationsPrimitives for computing the statistical properties of an image
|oMemory ManagementRoutines for allocating and deallocating pitched image storage
|\Threshold and Compare OperationsMethods for pixel-wise threshold and compare operations
\NPP Signal ProcessingThe set of signal processing functions available in the library
 oArithmetic and Logical OperationsFunctions that provide common arithmetic and logical operations
 oConversion FunctionsFunctions that provide conversion and threshold operations
 oFiltering FunctionsFunctions that provide functionality of generating output signal based on the input signal like signal integral, etc
 oInitializationFunctions that provide functionality of initialization signal like: set, zero or copy other signal
 oStatistical FunctionsFunctions that provide global signal statistics like: sum, mean, standard deviation, min, max, etc
 \Memory ManagementFunctions that provide memory management functionality like malloc and free

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