nvidia.dali.fn.mxnet_reader(*, index_path, path, bytes_per_sample_hint=[0], dont_use_mmap=False, initial_fill=1024, lazy_init=False, num_shards=1, pad_last_batch=False, prefetch_queue_depth=1, preserve=False, random_shuffle=False, read_ahead=False, seed=-1, shard_id=0, skip_cached_images=False, stick_to_shard=False, tensor_init_bytes=1048576, device=None, name=None)#


This operator is now deprecated. Use readers.mxnet() instead.

In DALI 1.0 all readers were moved into a dedicated readers submodule and renamed to follow a common pattern. This is a placeholder operator with identical functionality to allow for backward compatibility.

Legacy alias for readers.mxnet().